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          The University of Southampton

          Student placements & internships

          Gain a fresh perspective on your business challenges by hosting a placement or internship or signing up to our Business Innovation Programme.

          Our students and graduates are highly motivated, have up-to-date skills and knowledge that can benefit your organisation. Through a placement, internship or consultancy project, you can address specific problems or undertake a project that you might otherwise lack the time or expertise to tackle.

          Whether you are looking to cut costs, improve efficiency, raise your organisation's profile or consider your strategic direction, our student placement schemes can bring fresh ideas and knowledge to your business. The programmes are either part-funded or free, and are open to a range of different organisation types.

          How can a student placement benefit your business?

          Student placements and internships are a cost-effective way of addressing issues within your organisation. You can:

          How does it work?

          Last year, internships have delivered 40 per cent increase in turnover for New Media Software and created five new graduate jobs. Without the programme, we would not have been able to deliver these results and it really has made a difference to our business.

          Find out more

          Visit the Careers and Employability Services website for eligibility and application details for each of our programmes.

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