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          The University of Southampton

          How we operate

          We have a global reputation for our ability to make a real impact on society’s biggest challenges. We work to uphold this reputation whilst deploying our skills, talent and expertise to the solution of our business partners’ challenges.

          Principles, policies and code of conduct

          Created by Royal Charter in 1952, and holding charitable status, the University of Southampton has a strong governance framework as set out in our Charter, Statutes and Ordinances.

          Policies and operational practices

          With a long tradition of successful collaborations, we have in place well developed policies and operational practices that determine how we operate covering all areas of corporate social responsibility, business ethics and fair dealing.

          Compliance and standards

          We are able to provide assurance that we conduct our activities responsibly, to the highest academic standards and in compliance with the law. We have all appropriate policies and procedures in place including for procurement, environmental sustainability, equal opportunities, health & safety, integrity and ethics.

          PoliciesOur governance
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          Contact us to find out how we can help your business

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