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          The University of Southampton

          Research Integrity

          We are committed to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity and fostering a culture and understanding of research integrity, through our policies, activities and actions.

          Research Integrity Statement

          The University of Southampton recognises the importance of undertaking activities with responsibility and integrity. The University's full Statement for academic year 2017 - 2018 contains comprehensive information on how we ensure research integrity across the University.

          Research Integrity Statement 2017-2018
          Research Integrity Statement 2017Research Integrity Statement 2016Research Integrity Statement 2014-2015

          Responsibility and oversight

          The Vice-President (Research and Enterprise) has an overall responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the Concordat to Support Research Integrity. This includes the responsibility for oversight of research and enterprise policies, ethical review, doctoral researcher development and research governance in general.

          The following groups and committees support the Vice-President on matters relating to research integrity:

          Promoting and supporting research integrity

          The University has a number of academic lead groups, centres or initiatives which develop and support aspects of ethics, integrity and good research practices. These include the Health Ethics and Law group, Southampton Ethics Centre and Clinical Ethics and Law at Southampton.

          Research Policies

          The University has a number of policies and processes in place to meet the Concordat, including the Code of Conduct for Research which is an important set of guidance for conducting research at the University.


          External Memberships

          To ensure the University keeps abreast of best practice in matters related to the Concordat it has membership of a number of external bodies including:

          Research Integrity and Governance (RIG) Team

          Queries or concerns about research integrity or reports of research misconduct should be made through the Research Integrity and Governance Team.

          Email: researchintegrity@soton.ac.uk

          Telephone: 02380 596846

          Access further information on research integrity at the University for staff and students via our Researcher Portal.

          For Research Governance queries

          Telephone: 023080 595058

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