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          The University of Southampton
          University life

          Careers & employability

          Hands-on support to launch your own business
          Top 20 UK most targeted university by the top 100 graduate recruiters***
          16th best university in the UK for employability**
          Top 120 in the World's best institutions for employability*

          Helping you on the road to success

          We are one of the world’s top 120 universities for employability. Our Careers and Employability team will help you access:

          Discover new development opportunities

          We encourage and support our students to take on new challenges for personal development. Our support and initiatives are all designed to help you make a social or global impact in whatever you choose to do.

          Discover new interests and take opportunities to do what you love, achieve more and develop the skills that employer’s value.


          Student enterprise and entrepreneurship

          We can support you in many ways, such as how to effectively build your own business, develop entrepreneurial solutions to help solve social problems, and explore your enterprising ideas.

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          Studying abroad

          Boost your career opportunities by undertaking a placement overseas as part of your University course and experience a different educational, social, and cultural life.

          Photo of Michael Sansoni
          If you don’t know what you want to do after graduating, take short summer internships between years - you earn money and get out of your overdraft, while being able to learn and develop new skills.
          Michael Sansoni

          Graduate employers

          Some of the biggest graduate employers have partnered with us in order to recruit our students. We help you to build connections with these organisations by:

          • attending employer events on campus
          • visiting careers fairs
          • taking placements and work experience

          Partner companies

          Examples of companies that have partnered or work with us include:

          • Amazon
          • Air Bus
          • Babcock International
          • Bentley Motors
          • Deloitte
          • Ernst & Young
          • Factset
          • Grosvenor Britian & Ireland
          • IBM
          • Mayflower Theatre
          • MoD
          • NHS
          • Ordance Survey
          • PwC
          • Rolls-Royce


          The Career Mentoring programme aims to match you with a professional who can assist you with a variety of aspects relating to developing your career, including: career planning; building professional skills eg interview technique, building confidence; and developing a professional network.

          Your mentoring relationship is flexible and negotiated to fit in with both your and your mentor’s work/study/life balance. Some of the key companies who mentor students under our programme include IBM, Coffin Mew Solicitors, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin.
          To find out more about mentoring, including how to apply, please visit the Mentoring website.

          * QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2019

          ** QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2019

          *** Graduate Market in 2018

          Earning money on campus

          Jobs on campus

          Find out more about working alongside your studies

          Find out more

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